Thursday, May 9, 2019

My Contribution to the MBA Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

My Contribution to the MBA - Coursework ExampleI also find the faculties to be very qualified and an authority in their respective areas of expertise. Its state of the maneuver facilites are top-notch and second to none compared to any university in the world with a tuition fee that is sanely priced. Combining all(a) these factors that the MMUBS has to offer, I believe that the university gives its students a competitive edge. After graduating the course at MMU product line School, I am very confident that my preparation at the university leave alone imbue and furtherly enhance my professional skill sets in work to be competitive in a very tough ancestry market. As a student, it is incumbent upon me to follow and abide with all the rules and regulations of the school. To be courteous and respectful to all the staff and faculites of MMUBS and to fulfill all the academic requirements of the course to be cooperative in any body process that the university may undertake as it pre pares me to become more professionally competetitive in the future. I believe that this should be the first contribution that any student should give to the university when they get admitted. MBA is a course that should prepare us in the competetive world of business. During the course of its study, it is important that we should have a well-founded theoretical framework to lowly business decisions as we exercise corporate leadership in the future. While this highlights the importance of the Professors as they chip in to us the conceptual foundations of business, leadership and decision making in business to make us get out leaders and managers, there is another important component in the advance course of business and corporate administration that requires the professional participation of its students. For the theoretical and conceptual foundation should be perfected with experience and semiempirical exposure to other aspect and fields of business to better enhance our profes sional skill-sets that would make us better leaders and managers. In this area, I can contribute my extensive k instantlyledge and expertise in Advance Logistics and Supply Chain. This will enable other students to have a better grasp rationality in my field of expertise which hopefully, could contribute to their professional growth. Of course, I too would expect other students to luck their professional expertise which could also widen my horizon and understanding of the business and corporate landscape. This exercise will add to the already rich professional diversity in the MBA Programme benefitting severally and every student. Second, of which I believe I could tremendously contribute, is to share to other students the unique perspective and cultural context of doing a business in the Middle East. That they may have a better grasp and understanding of the nuances and idiosyncrynacies of the farming when they chance to do business in that specific region in the future or car e for with somebody who has a cultural context of that region. I believe that this understanding is imperative as businesses now operate in a global economy making it inevitable and necessary for each business to deal and transact across countries and cultures. This too, will add to the already rich cultural diversity of the university with each student sharing the uniqueness of his/her own culture. As a student, there was also a sequence when I was new and unfamiliar with Manchester. Although I find the place to be

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